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By using real-world scenarios students will develop technical, professional and ethics skills in the evaluation and presentation of their responses. We offer many of our law and business programmes at multiple centres.

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Show more Show less Research As a leading education provider, scholarship and research are also central to our mission. Each module is taught by a one-hour tutorial per week.

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They quickly grew, adding classroom tuition and opened learning centres around the UK and in Europe. How we support you Learn from expert tutors with practical experience in their specialist fields and a passion to share knowledge to maximise your career potential Access to a Programme Support Officer who can guide you through each stage of your learning journey Benefit from our Virtual Learning Environment with your qualification content, additional learning resources and step-by-step support to ensure success Virtual learning support To help you get the best learning experience, we provide high-quality facilities and technology.

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Specialist careers advice From the moment you accept your place until you secure your first legal position, you can use our careers service.BPP University is also the UK’s first private sector educational body, with the privilege to award degrees.

At BPP Business School, we offer a range of professional and. BPP Professional development is a leading provider of qualifications & training for professionals, including E learning facilities for online courses.

Business Skills. Welcome to our Business Skils courses page, to locate a Business Skills course please click on a link below.

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

BPP House, Aldine Place, Uxbridge Road, London W12 8AA, registered in England and Wales under company number Course fees UK, EU learners: One-year programme (4 papers): £7, International learners.

One-year programme (4 papers): £7, Additional Funding Options. For those who need it, BPP University’s Student Services support team can provide funding advice and assistance. This is “as expected on a competitive course like the LPC”.

All in all, “great people – but the course doesn’t allow for drinking. BPP Bristol currclickblog.com FT + PT [for two years]: £8, BPP Cambridge year] (home/EU and overseas) 75% exams and 25% coursework for the seven foundation subjects.

8th area is a 5,word research project. Yes Normally minimum degree or equivalent. Non-native English.

Bpp eu coursework
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